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 10-Setting Up a Membership Website - Driving Traffic to Your Membership Site
 An overview of how to get traffic to your membership site. Learn some of the best ways for you to get free, highly targeted traffic that will convert like crazy.
 11-Setting Up a Membership Website - Summary of This Video Course
 In this video we summarize what you have learnt in this course. Follow a step by step action plan for making everything you have learned work and earn for you.
 01-Setting Up a Membership Website - Introduction
 Learn what is in this info-packed training program. Understand what a membership site is and how it works.
 02-Setting Up a Membership Website - Why a Membership Site?
 Learn why Internet Marketers are in love with membership sites and why you should be running some to maximize your online profits.
 03-Setting Up a Membership Website - Different Membership Site Scripts (software) Available
 An overview of some of the more popular scripts on the market and a talk through of their major benefits and pitfalls.
 04-Setting Up a Membership Website - Picking Your Niche
 Learn how to pick a niche for a membership site. Understand what makes the niche work with a membership site.
 05-Setting Up a Membership Website - Membership Site Formats
 Understand the different formats for a membership site. Learn the best (and most profitable) times to use each format.
 06-Setting Up a Membership Website - Providing Conent for Your Members
 Discover the best places to get your content from. Learn what your members want from the content you give them (hint : it helps to keep them members!). 
 07-Setting Up a Membership Website - Retaining Your Members
 Halt members leaving your site. Discover how to make your members literally beg to stay. Little known tactics to keeping your members happy revealed.
 08-Setting Up a Membership Website - Common Mistakes
 Avoid the common mistakes that the majority of membership site owners make. Discover how people ruin their chances of succeeding with their membership site.
 09-Setting Up a Membership Website - Succeeding With a Membership Site
 Learn what to do to make your membership site successful and profitable. Discover ways to stay ahead of the competition and be the best membership site in your chosen niche.
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