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 5 Ways E - Books Can Increase Web Site Traffic
 With software such as Adobe Acrobat and many inexpensive e-book compilers, creating an e-book is simple. All you really need for an e-book is content people are interested in reading. However, once
 Create an eBook With Adobe Acrobat
 People use eBooks to help with marketing their products. eBooks assist in increasing sales by offering the public a free eBook with purchase. It also helps with marketing. Giving away eBooks increa
 Why eBooks Are So Profitable & the Benefit of Creating Them
 What are the benefits of writing eBooks to make money online?There are a lot people out there wondering how to make money online and fast. There are only a couple of ways th
 If I purchase an e book with resale rights, what does it mean actually?
 Resale rights or resell rights means the same thing. The difference is in the licensing that tag to it. There are private labels, master resale, and plain resell rights.Private label resale
 Can I copy the content of a resale rights ebook and use it as my own content?
 That depends on the licensing of the package when you bought it. You already know the 3 types of licensing - private label rights, master resale rights and resell rights. By right, you should alrea
 10 Easy Ways To Increase Your eBooks Size!
 by Larry Dotson 1. Add checklists to your ebook. If your ebook is about fishing you could add a checklist for baiting a hook. 2. Add a web site directory to your ebook. If your ebook
 How do I edit and create ebooks?
 How to edit ebooks...First if you want to get ebooks that you can edit, then make sure that you choose ones from our "(PLR)" or Private Label Rights section. These ebooks can be ed
 My pdf viewer complained that the PDF I downloaded is damaged or corrupt. What should I do?
 The PDF should be downloaded again, as the download was probably interupted and therefore causing this error. Please contact us via support ticket if this does not resolve you're proble
 How long does it take to download an eBook?
 Downloading time for an eBook depends on the file size and your connection speed to the Internet. For example a 300-page eBook without many graphics can be downloaded in approximately four to five min
 I purchased a Windows eBook and cannot read the text, I am using Windows XP SP2.
 The reason that you are unable to view the text, or you get a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" message is that the Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) does not allow viewing of Windows eBooks. We h
 How do I create a PDF ebook from my Word Document?
 This is very simple once you know how...First, get yourself a PDF Creation software. If you want a really good one, just go to http://www.pd
 Can Adobe PDF eBooks be Edited?
 No, these are not editable documents. If you purchased a product with "Private Label Rights", then you should have received a raw document of the ebook. These usually come in MS Word, or
 Can I print my eBooks?
 One of the main advantages of PDF eBooks is that they can be printed if the publisher has enabled printing.  Most Windows eBooks can be printed not not in a very well organized manner. We se
 How can I tell which products may be sold on auctions site like eBay?
 In order for a product to be sold on Auction Sites (eBay), it must be approved by the original author. We indicate at the bottom of each product page if it has been approved or not.At the bo
 What is Adobe Reader?
 We offer many products in PDF format. These are commonly referrend to as eBooks. Most digital books that you get online now are in PDF format, so most computers come with "Adobe Reader" p
 Can I read eBooks on PDAs?
 Yes, you can read PDF eBooks on a Palm OS devices device using Adobe Reader for Palm OS v3 or higher. You must first download the eBook to a PC or MacOS X computer using Adobe Reader and then trans
 3 Quick Tips For Writing Ebooks For Profit
 You can begin a home-based business by selling information products on the internet. Information products are usually in the form of ebooks. Writing ebooks work the same way as writing a book excep
 How Can I Profit from Resell Rights products?
 There are many ways to profit from resell rights products. The first way, of course, is to simply resell the product. However, there are ways that you can realize even more profits. It just takes a
 What Are eBooks All About?
 Ebook stands for electronic book. These are usually in a word processor format or PDF file that can be emailed and delivered anywhere by virtual means. One of the first ebooks to receive national r
 Can I Translate eBooks Into Any Laguage?
 When it comes to  a PDF document the answer is no, but if you can get a product that comes with the original source document like you get when you purchase a product in our "PLR" or "
 Can you translate our ebooks into any language?
  Yes you can translate our ebooks into any language, but only the ones that come in Microsoft Word format, and those are located in our "PLR" or Private Label Rights Section.Loo
 How do I edit my Master Resale Rights ebook?
  "Master Resale Rights", "Resale Rights", or "Personal Use" products do not come with an editable resource document. Usually (about 95% of the time) the only products tha
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