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 Essential Key Points Before Purchasing Resale Rights Products
 Are you prone to buying one more batch of resale rights products after another and then wonder why can't I make money with this or is it that you not sure how to make money, which ever it is just r
 Can i sell a product on eBay classifieds if it say "May not be sold on Auction sites?
 In general, yes you can, unless otherwise stated by the author. Selling the product in a classified ad, and not an auction is very much different than selling it in "Auction", or &
 Why eBooks Are So Profitable & the Benefit of Creating Them
 What are the benefits of writing eBooks to make money online?There are a lot people out there wondering how to make money online and fast. There are only a couple of ways th
 What is a Squeezepage?
 A squeeze page is a web page that is specifically designed to compel visitors to opt in to your web site. A well-designed squeeze page can convert as many as half of the people who visit it, into o
 If I purchase an e book with resale rights, what does it mean actually?
 Resale rights or resell rights means the same thing. The difference is in the licensing that tag to it. There are private labels, master resale, and plain resell rights.Private label resale
 Can I copy the content of a resale rights ebook and use it as my own content?
 That depends on the licensing of the package when you bought it. You already know the 3 types of licensing - private label rights, master resale rights and resell rights. By right, you should alrea
 Key Differences Between Private Label Rights and Master Resale Rights
 Whenever you are running an online business, you will come across a lot of different types of resale rights.  To begin with, you must understand what resale rights are.  They are the rights that wi
 What is an e-book?
 An ebook is an electronic (or digital) version of a book. The term is used ambiguously to refer to either an individual work in a digital format, or a hardware device used to read books in digital
 What is a Dimesale?
 A "dimesale" is a term which basically means what you think it means. As pertaining to a resale products firesale, a group of products usually ebooks, or software, or both are combined to ma
 What are Fire sales?
 A fire sale is the sale of goods at extremely discounted prices, typically used when someone is going out of business, or really desperate for some emergency capital.
 How do I edit and create ebooks?
 How to edit ebooks...First if you want to get ebooks that you can edit, then make sure that you choose ones from our "(PLR)" or Private Label Rights section. These ebooks can be ed
 What does broken down into articles mean?
 This means that you can take certain chapters or pages from your ebook and create an article with that page. Then you can submit it to articles sites like
 Could you please clarify this statement "you're not allowed to claim full ownership".
 When some product creators create a new product they like to put a stipulation in stating that "You cannot claim full authorship (or ownership). This means that if you purchased a private label r
 I am new how do I edit the Salespages "HTML" for my products?
 This is a very simple process. First you will need an HTML editor. One like MS FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or Photoshop are preferred, but not required. Any HTML editor will suffice.If you do no
 Can I include RR, MRR and PLR products in large bundles? Or do they have to be sold or given away separately?
 This will be stated in each products license terms, they do vary greatly.
 Can I give the resale rights products away for free at my own membership site?
 Yes and No. Yes if your customers are paying for the membership access to that product. No, if your membership is free and customer never has to pay (in any way) to get the product. This should be sta
 How long does it take to download an eBook?
 Downloading time for an eBook depends on the file size and your connection speed to the Internet. For example a 300-page eBook without many graphics can be downloaded in approximately four to five min
 I purchased a Windows eBook and cannot read the text, I am using Windows XP SP2.
 The reason that you are unable to view the text, or you get a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" message is that the Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) does not allow viewing of Windows eBooks. We h
 I want to sell products in the ClickBank Marketplace...
 If you are looking to gain an exclusive foothold in the ClickBank Marketplace, we recommend that you focus your resale product purchases to private label rights "(PLR)" products. These you c
 Am I allowed to offer resale rights products for sale at my own membership site?
 Yes you are allowed to offer rights from your website, but you should be cautious of your purchases, as some product creators DO NOT allow their products to be sold from membership websites. See an
 How do I edit the salespage that came with my product?
 The salespage that comes with your product will undoubtedly need to be edited. Usually there are areas that you will want to add your own name to, or remove someone else’s name from the product.
 How do I create a PDF ebook from my Word Document?
 This is very simple once you know how...First, get yourself a PDF Creation software. If you want a really good one, just go to http://www.pd
 Can Adobe PDF eBooks be Edited?
 No, these are not editable documents. If you purchased a product with "Private Label Rights", then you should have received a raw document of the ebook. These usually come in MS Word, or
 What are Master Resale Rights?
 Master Resale Rights allow you to purchase a product whether it be an ebook, software, or website template, and own a limited copyright to that product.For instance: you can purchase an eboo
 What is Adobe Reader?
 We offer many products in PDF format. These are commonly referrend to as eBooks. Most digital books that you get online now are in PDF format, so most computers come with "Adobe Reader" p
  Can I set the price for the products to anything I want?
 This varies from product to product. But in general, yes. I would use great care with your decision to lower prices too much as you can devalue a product that is much more valuable to you and your
 Why do some PLR products have restrictions on them?
 By all standards PLR should mean complete access to sell and/or alter a product in anyway that you deem fit. The problem is some of our authors have applied PLR Terms with certain restrictions.
 What Are eBooks All About?
 Ebook stands for electronic book. These are usually in a word processor format or PDF file that can be emailed and delivered anywhere by virtual means. One of the first ebooks to receive national r
 How do I setup a product for sale and automated download using PayPal?
 We get this question very often. It may seem difficult at first, but in fact it is very easy once you have done it once or twice. This response is assuming that you are using standard a HTML websit
 How do I setup a download link on my website?
 It's easy to create a link to a non-HTML file so that your readers can download that file.Difficulty: EasyTime Required: 5 minutes Here's How:
 What are Private Label Rights?
 Private Label Rights give you the ability of not only acquiring the full Master Resale Rights to a product, but the ability to actually edit the contact of the product, and add your own name, or co
 What is an autoresponder?
 An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically returns a prewritten message to anyone who submits email to a particular Internet address, whether an individual or a Web site. Autorespond
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