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 Hiding Your Digital Products

No, I'm not referring to the site. That is a place where you WANT people to see what you have, or like, etc. No, no. The object here is NOT to let them see what you've got hidden away. No sharing here!!

In order to do this, we need to create a very intricate file folder system.

Notice the word "system". That means, don't just throw all your products inside one folder, set the CHMOD, insert an index.htm page, as mentioned in the first step, and think that's it. You have to go the extra mile so to speak.

You should really be using a deeper file folder scheme for your really important stuff. Like your money making products! So, instead of using something like:

Use something like this:

Now, obviously, the above examples aren't very good as far as naming your folders go. You really should be selecting folder names that are gonna be extremely hard to guess. Or have absolutely no relation to your products. For example:

Or something like this. Heck, you could even use numbers in there too. But don't use only numbers though. Hackers can break all types of number coded systems, so figuring out your little number coded folder names would probably be a walk in the park for them. For now, stick with either using nonsensical words only YOU understand, or using a combination number/letter folder name.

With that said, DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT simply put up something that has absolutely no meaning at all. Otherwise you will have to go on a hunt just to figure out what is inside which file folder! Then again, don't make the folder word choice so obvious that anyone will know what you're trying to hide inside your folders either. Like if you were to use something like:

Okay, the above is really, really BAD. I'm sure you know why, but I'll explain. You have given any theif a clear cut path straight to your file to freely download. All they have to do is use a few common "keywords" to find your stuff. For instance, the words: products and downloads. Why not just hand your stuff right on over with a cheerful grin?!

Instead, you should select something else that wouldn't be so easy to guess. Such as:

Who the hell is going to guess that??!! Not me. And probably no one else either. Plus, your product is now four folders deep. Of course you can go even deeper if you want. That's up to you. In fact, you can even keep all your digital downloadable products inside their very own file folder system completely separate from your "myonlinestore" folder for added security.

To continue, the basics are, use a folder system and use words that won't be easily guessed, making sure to stay away from the most obvious ones like:

thank you

Etc. And don't think simply misspelling the words will help. Nope. Theives are already hipped to this. And they use it to try and crack your word "soup".

This "hard-to-guess" wordage is also just as important when we talk about your actual product file names too. Thieves look for your digital product name on a regular basis. Whether this be via search engines or directly searching your website. So, what you need to do is rename your product file to something that has nothing at all to do with the actual title of the product.

It's ever so simple to do. Say, for instance, you have a product called "MysteryBuilder". And you've gave the original name of your zipped file, what else, Hmm. Not too safe I don't think. Let's say that you took a few more steps and called it: Still not safe enough because the name of your product is still within the .zip file name.

Therefore, you may want to consider renaming it something like this: This way, you'll still know what your file is with the first five letters, but by adding the last series of numbers and letters, it will be much harder for the thieves to figure it out.

Come up with your own secret file/folder name language that only YOU will understand. If you pull this off cleverly enough, then all these theives will be able to come up with is nothing more than digital dust.

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