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22 Jul 2024  
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 What are Master Resale Rights?

Master Resale Rights allow you to purchase a product whether it be an ebook, software, or website template, and own a limited copyright to that product.

For instance: you can purchase an ebook with resale rights, and you are free to resell this ebook as many times and you wish and you will never be required to pay the original author of that ebook any royalties whatsoever. You have purchased the Resale Rights, therefore it is 100% yours, and the money you earn from it.

There are certain distrbution rules that you must abide by, according to the document that accompanies the product you have purchased. This document is usually called a 'Reseller Agrreement", "Resale License", or other variations.

It is important trhat abide by the terms of that reseller agreement, as not doing so may result in copyright infringement on your part. Remember: YOU are responsible for following the guidlines set forth in that agreement.

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