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 Why do some PLR products have restrictions on them?
Solution By all standards PLR should mean complete access to sell and/or alter a product in anyway that you deem fit. The problem is some of our authors have applied PLR Terms with certain restrictions.

The main reason they do it (besides the fact that they can), is to prevent their creations from being abused and sold for pennies on the dollar on auction websites, or added to free membership websites.

This actually protects you, as well as the original author, because most of these products can retain value as long as there are restrictions to prevent novice online marketers from selling the product irresponsibly on the internet.

PLR (Private Label Rights) should not be construed as a broad term that gives full ownership editing and distribution rights to the buyer. This is simply not the case. What it's main purpose is, is to allow you to remove the original authors name and links from the product and allows you to replace it with your own.

However, if you are seeking full editing and distribution rights, you can acquire those with the product as long as you change the title, and graphics to something entirely different than the original author has designed.

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