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16 Jan 2018  
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 How do I edit the salespage that came with my product?

The salespage that comes with your product will undoubtedly need to be edited. Usually there are areas that you will want to add your own name to, or remove someone else’s name from the product.

There are several ways to edit your new sales and you do not have to have any previous HTML coding experience. There are some very good HTML editors available Like Microsoft® Expression©, or Adobe® Dreamweaver©.

See those here:

There are also free HTML Editors, with limited features:

For those who have an HTML editor already installed...

Try this:

  1. Open the folder that the sales page is in.
  2. Locate the ".html" page.
  3. Hover your mouse over the .html file and click with your right mouse button
  4. Select one of the following: "Edit" 'Edit With Dreamweaver", or "Edit with whatever editor that you have installed".
  5. This should open the file from inside your editing software.  Edit to your requirements.
  6. Select "File>>Save"
  7. You Have Now edited your salespage

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