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 Can I sell the resell products on other domains such as eBay?
 Yes, you have purchased products that come with full master resell rights. You are free to sell them on eBay, or any other website, or even by email if you so choose. Some products have limitations
 Does the cart support different languages and currencies?
 Yes, we support any number of different currencies and languages. This is all managed through the "Localization" setting in the adminstrative area of your cart. We are currently integrate
 Am I allowed to install my storefront on multiple domains?
 You can install you store on as many domains as you like but you must purchase a seperate license key for each domain. The storefront that we install for you is good for only one domain.
 Can I customize the code?
 The Cart is built using PHP / mySQL, which is considered to be the programming language of the internet. Almost any developer with PHP experience can make customizations to your cart.
 Do I get my own copy of the store script to keep?
 Yes,  we will give you a copy of the php store script and the license key so that you will always have it.  Please remember that the license that you purchase from us is for one domain only. If you
 Is there a limit to the number of categories or products?
 No, our cart has no category or product limitations. Add as many as you would like.
 How long will it take to get my storefront up and running if you install it?
 In most cases we will have you open for business by the end of the third business day. Other things need to be in place before we can begin our installation, like you need to have your
 Does the shopping cart support inventory tracking?
 Yes, it will even notify you when inventory is getting low. Additionally you can create custom messages to display when items are out of stock.
 What are the system requirements for this cart on my hosting server?
 The system requirements below are standard features for most web hosting companies. PHP 4.3 and above Unix/Linux ServerMySQL 3.2 an
 I need an affiliate program, who do you recommend?
 The Cart is integrated to work with iDevAffiliate, but any affiliate program
 Who will host all of my downloadable files?
 You will be hosting you're own files for downloading to your customers. You web hosting plan will require a minimum of 5 gigabytes of storage for you're files. If you a
 Is the shopping cart search engine friendly?
 Yes, in fact it's one of the most search engine friendly software applications avaliable today. The cart generates flat URL's, gives you complete meta tag control over all pages and allows you to crea
 What Web Hosting Company should I use?
 1) You need maximum space because your file library will be large already and will grow.2) Must have PHP v4 or higher (Most do)
 Is there a quick-buy feature or do customer need to register?
 With our cart, you have complete control over how the customer purchases your products. You can select One-Page Checkout or traditional, require them to register or checkout without registration, you
 Do I have to have a PayPal account to get a store?
 No, our stores have an unlimited number of payment gateway options. You can use only one payment processor like PayPal, or, or you can combine an infinite number of choice
 Can I set up my own shipping method based on weight / price / number or items ordered?
 Yes, using a custom payment method you can create shipping rates based on weight, price, base plus weight, quantity and more.
 What Information will you need in order to get my store installation started?
 The information we will need before we can get started is:Your Company Name.Website URL and location where you would like us to install the store.Control Panel URL, Control Pan
 Can the cart support non credit-cart and offline payment methods?
 Yes, the cart supports phone, fax, mail and more. You can also collect credit card information using PinnProcessing for transacting off-line or at a later date.
 What domain name should I choose for my store?
 You can name the store anything you wish, but remember, to make the search engine love you and get you a higher page ranking MUCH quicker, try to have action words like the fo
 How does the cart determine sales tax?
 The cart has two different methods for setting up sales tax, simple and advanced. For transactions in the US, we recommend using the simple method. If you need to set up VAT or other types of complex
 I use a payment processor that is not listed on your site. Will it work with your cart?
 It's likely that your payment processor will work with the cart. Some major payment providers Private Label their gateways to smaller companies. We only list the major providers on the site. Contact c
 What is a "Tangible" product?
 Tangibile: Goods are tangible products such as cars, clothing, and machinery, etc. They have shape and can be seen and touched. Services are intangible. Hair styling, pest control, and equipment re
 Do I need any programming knowledge?
 No, you can set up a complete store without any HTML knowledge. You can completely design a professional looking website directly from our administrative panel. We give you the ability to control ever
 Is it difficult to use the Cart?
 No, not at all. In fact some clients start selling within hours of getting the cart. As a business owner, you don't have the time to learn a new software product, so we have designed an adminstrative
 I want to accept credit cards through my store, do I need a merchant account?
 No, Our Cart allows you to use PayPal as a payment method. PayPal doesn't have monthly fees and takes a very small percentage of the sale for a transaction fee. Using PayPal does have one disadvantage
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